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Puerto Galera, Philippines ~ La Laguna Beach Resort

Puerto Galera, dubbed as the Pearl of Mindoro, is a beach resort town located on the north shore of Mindoro Island, 130 kilometers south of Manila, and 14 nautical miles from Batangas City. The terrain is rugged with sometimes dense jungle, an irregular coastline with crystal, clear water and wide sand beaches, a natural harbor and safe anchorage. Its natural seawall, exciting dive sites, lush mountains and white pristine beaches make Puerto Galera one of the Philippine's top tourist destinations.

The waters around Puerto Galera teems with exotic and colorful marine life and coral gardens. The variety of species found here outnumbers those of the Great Barrier Reef. It is a year-round diving destination for experienced divers as well as beginners. With over 30 dive sites all known for their marvelous marine environment and superb visibility which is only 10-15 minutes away from the dive centers, Puerto Galera truly is a divers' paradise. No mater what type of diving you prefer this area has something for everyone. Deep reefs, strong current and pelagics species are readily available while the shallow water macro sites are great fun.

The La Laguna Hotel and Cottages are built around a landscaped swimming pool with diver training facilities.

The resort has its own generators, so as to offer 24 hours of power. Other features include a first class restaurant and bar offering international and local delicacies. The upstairs bar features lounge area, cable TV, pool table and large balcony where you can relax and watch the day go by.

La Laguna Beach Club and Dive Centre was constructed in 1992 and is a 31-room hotel (28 rooms offering air-conditioning and mini bar, cable TV plus 3 cottages with electric fan). All rooms offer bathrooms and modern comforts including hot water.

The very sound of the name conjures up images of Spanish galleons and ancient Chinese junks laden with silk and spices. More so does the sight of the island with its beautiful harbor. There are dozens of covers, bays, islets, and islands within ten kilometers in any direction from Puerto Galera. Hundreds of years ago, these provided protection to Spanish galleons during heavy storms. Today, most have been developed to cater to tourists. Countless coves and beaches outdo each other for the city-weary traveler. No wonder then that so many local and foreign visitors tend to overstay in Puerto Galera.

The Philippines has one of the most productive marine ecosystems on the world. No less than 800 species of coral have been specified in the country. The Puerto Galera region has been declared a Marine Reserve by the United Nations Man and Biosphere Program International in 1974. Continued efforts by the local dive operators to establish mooring buoys and artificial reefs, have contributed greatly to the preservation of this magnificent underwater marine park. The currents which bathe this area are often brisk and unpredictable, creating conditions which may at times prove challenging for inexperienced divers.

However, the same currents offer substantial rewards of their own, providing a rich supply of nutrients which supply dense populations of soft corals, gorgonias, crinoids and other filter feeders. Other notable invertebrate life includes many species of nudibranchs and other mollusks, colorful sponges and turnicates, as well as crustaceans like crabs and a wide variety of shrimps. Thriving fish life is also typical at the north-eastern dive sites: swirling schools of fusiliers and surgeonfish are common, as are brilliant angelfish, wrasses, butterflyfish and countless other reef dwellers. The region is also home to a number of exotic fish species seldom seen elsewhere in the Philippines, including blue ribbon eels, purple fire gobies and cleverly camouflaged frogfish and ghost pipefish. The area features over 2 dozen prime dive sites (see listing below), all of which are well worth diving. A few, however, are 'must see' spots, make sure you don't miss them.

Package Includes :-

  • 4 nights twin-sharing accommodation at La Laguna, Puerto Galera
  • Al-a Carte Breakfast
  • 3 Boat Dives per day inc tanks, weights and guide
  • 1 night dive on house reef
  • Transfer to/from Manila airport or any Manila hotel
  • Extension Night S$180 inc. 3 dives
  • Itinerary :-
  • Day 1-Pick up from Manila airport or hotel
  • Day 1-Transfer to Batangas for boat transfer
  • Day 1 - Arrive Puerto Galera and check into hotel
  • Day 2 to Day 4– Three boat dives per day and one night dive.
  • Day 5– Transfer back to Manila via Batangas
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