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Advanced First Aid Stress & Rescue Drive Control Speciallist
DAN Course in First Aid
This program is available to any person who is 14 years or older and consists of 2 modules :-

(1) Resuscitation:

If you hold a current resuscitation award you may be exempted from the Resuscitation Module. If you have been trained in resuscitation previously but do not hold a current award, your competency can be assessed during the course and you may be exempted from this module.

(2) General First Aid:

In the second module you will be trained in general first aid procedures that should enable you to assist an injured or ill person until medical aid is accessed. Topics include: bleeding, respiratory emergencies, cardiac emergencies, fractures, soft tissue injuries, head injuries, diabetes, epilepsy/convulsions, envenomation, poisoning, and thermal injuries. You will participate in both theory and practical sessions, which will be followed by a skills assessment and multiple-choice theory knowledge test.

After the competent completion of all of the required skills, you will receive a Statement of Attainment from DAN when the registration procedures have been completed.

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